What are grits and how are they made?

A grit is a small bit of corn. Most commercial grits are white, but Delta Grind prefers yellow! In order to produce a yellow grit, we must first begin with the corn. The yellow corn is grown and then dried in the field. When it is harvested, it is "cleaned" from the cob and bagged. Delta Grind gets its corn from local growers in Mississippi to ensure product consistency and to support our local farmers.

Once we acquire our orders, we purchase enough corn to produce the net weight of grits, cornmeal, masa or polenta needed. After the corn is purchased, we "grind". This is where the fun, and mess, begins. My husband, the heavy lifter, cleans the bagged corn to make sure there isn't any field "trash" that was overlooked. Next, he pours the cleaned corn into the hopper of the grist mill which then gets shaken down into the housing where the stones are turning. The ground corn then gets blown out of the housing to the separator which separated the grits, flour, and "trash". The finished product is then bagged and shipped off or hand delivered to our many customers around Jackson, MS, Memphis, Tunica, Clarksdale, Greenwood or Oxford.

What other's say about Delta Grind

Vicki from Chattanooga, TN says:
"I just had to write and tell you how much I enjoyed the grits at Cafe Eclectic - they are the best I have ever had. I went to their website to find out what kind they used...found you. Coincidentally, my son lives in Oxford, and he says he buys your cornmeal all the time from the Farmers Market! He is going to bring me some grits/cornmeal at Christmas...I can't wait...I am so excited!"